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Spring is in the air and this weekend we had approximately one hour where the sun showed it's face and I was happy to be outside gardening. My garden, it seems, hasn't been missing the sun at all and I now have a ridiculous amount of bluebells EVERYWHERE and comfrey as high as my chest.

I'm relocating the bluebells out of my vegetable patch and cutting the comfrey down for some very grateful chickens, and Matt and I managed to get lots of romanesco, chard and peas in the ground, whilst carefully rescuing our strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb from the bluebell invasion. 

All these beautiful flowers made me decide it was time for a new look on my blog though, particularly once the weather clouded over and got cold again (too cold to play out, so coding a website seemed like the way forward!) and here you are on my beautiful new blog! Sorry if you tried to access it earlier today and it was all messy. I probably should have put up one of those 'site under construction pages' but I was too lazy, and anyway, it's done now. 
I hope you like it as much as I do :-)

In other news, inspired by our time in Thailand Matt has really taken to juicing, so much so that we bought ourselves a new fancy slow juicer and blender, and we've been enjoying growing our own wheatgrass on the kitchen side to press. The kids love wheatgrass juice and Will swears it helps him think more clearly when he is concentrating(!)

I also invested in a brand new journal which I absolutely LOVE. It's called the daily greatness journal and it's going to inspire me to greatness. Daily. Obviously. 

My favourite part about it is that it doesn't have any dates, so I don't have to wait for a new academic year to use it. I can just start tomorrow. I'll just leave you with some beautiful pictures here for other stationary addicts to drool over. 

Yoga - it's not just for girls

The yoga class here every morning is brutal. Today we had to do a bar workout using the wall of the salaa as a bar.

That's fine if you are pretty tall, but as the shortest person in the class getting my leg up to nearly chest height before we even start the stretches was seriously challenging. 

To begin with I said it was to tall and the yogi scoffed and said "Thai people are shorter than you", but after about five minutes of struggling he decided to give me a lower bar. 

He is seriously the bendiest person I've ever met. He even puts this guy to shame:

Yesterday he started the class with "today it's hot. It's good to do cardio when hot. You get better results" then proceeded to do some kind of body combat class. Who on earth decides the best day to do cardio is the hottest day??

At the end he apologised. "Oh I forgot it's Sunday. I'm supposed to make class easy on Sunday. Give you rest. Oh well."

He frequently stops the class to tell us we are all doing it wrong before he starts again and by the end of the class even Matt is sweating and shaking. 

In fact, Matt quite likes yoga, he even admitted to thinking it was a bit "girly" before, but now recognises it's a serious core workout. 

I hate it. 
It hurts. 
And if he says "no pain, no gain little missy" to me one more time someone is definitely going to get hurt. 

Probably me.


We did our first day of snorkelling today and this beach is seriously teaming with life - including plenty of sea urchins and anemones, so best not to put your feet down until you've got clear googles and you can check! 

There's also lots of hermit crabs, some of the tiniest I've ever seen all over the place, but once you get into the seaweedy areas, that's where all the fish are hiding. 

This morning I saw several blue tang:

A handful of yellow tang 
And two of the cutest little angel fish I've ever seen:

I don't have an underwater camera unfortunately, so I stole these images from google. 

There was also tonnes of little brown and white fish, but I don't know what they're called. 

I seriously love snorkelling and I think it's the one of the best holiday activities you can do. Firstly - swimming is good exercise, which we all know is good for you health. Secondly - you are bathing in salt water, literally copious amounts of transdermal magnesium and other trace minerals seeping in through your skin. Thirdly - when you put your face under water, you automagically lower your blood pressure and slow your heart rate right down. Fourthly - it's relaxing and de-stressing. 

Just make sure you aren't doing it at mid day. The water feels cool, but you will still burn!!!

Thai Massage

Today I had my first ever Thai massage. Our chiropractor had warned us "no funny stuff, don't let anybody walk on your back" but that ultimately having a daily massage is going to do our backs a lot of good. 

This isn't the kind of massage I was taught at school. It's very pokey, and pressing more than stroking. 

I wore a swimsuit, as the massages are performed outside on a deck by the beach, with a dress that I could easily remove - expecting that the masseuse would ask me to "undress to my level of comfort" as I have always done with my clients. Actually though, this massage is performed through clothes, and whilst the masseuse did everything he could to preserve my dignity (the massage was performed through an opaque silk scarf) it would have been a lot easier for both of us if i had just worn shorts or leggings. 

It started out kind of like the end of a chiropractic adjustment, just pressing on acupressure points etc... But turned into some kind of assisted yoga with the masseuse pushing and pulling me into all kinds of positions. 

It's oddly relaxing, although painful at times, but I highly recommend it. 

Ten years...

It's nearly time!! 

Matt and I have said goodbye to the kids and we are off on our way to our juicing retreat!! 

I've been following the resort we are going to on Instagram for a little while, getting myself all excited with their photos. 

Some of my more fashionable London friends have been telling me that a juicing holiday is a "thing" now. That all the cool kids are doing it to recover from their hectic toxic lifestyles before going back to their hectic toxic lifestyles. 

The thing is, it's not that for us. We just wanted to go away somewhere together and relax. Being people who are conscious about what we eat from a health and an ethical point of view, it's not that easy. In fact, I told Matt that most of the holidays we were looking at we're going to be more work for me than just staying at home, because sourcing good food when you don't have any of your normal suppliers and you've gained a language barrier is not easy. Going all inclusive seemed an easy way to relax, but most all inclusive holidays are basically a buffet of carbs, sugar and unethically raised meats. 

That's when we hit on the idea of a detox holiday, and once we started looking, we were sold on a juice fast. 

Well, I say "we"...

Realistically, I was sold on a juice fast. Matt took a little convincing. What's not to love about sunrise yoga classes and a massage every afternoon? And just look at that beach...

We are massive fans of Thai food, so being in Thailand and not eating seemed unthinkable, but luckily we're stopping in Bangkok on the way there and back, so we can certainly fit in two meals. 

Happy ten year anniversary to us! A decade of marriage deserves to be celebrated. 

Rawesome Blend and How to Get Children to Drink a Green Smoothie

Another day, another delicious smoothie from natural blender, and I have to say I'm getting used to the thicker texture. I'm still watering it down significantly further than suggested, but I'm quite enjoying it. 

A few people have asked me how I convince my children to drink green smoothies (as opposed to the sugar laden fruit smoothies mostly marketed to children) and the honest answer is... Sometimes they don't. 

Sometimes I end up drinking pints of juice because I don't want to waste it and they are both refusing. 

Today was a day where Will was on the brink of refusing (he pulled a face on first taste) and I could see Lila watching him before she took her first sip, so I knew I had to act fast. 

So I made up a game.

You have to guess the ingredients. You can't guess until you taste.

I gave hints out:
It's a bit sour...
No...it's green, try another sip...
No... Try a bit more, you'll get it. Little black seeds... Hairy skin...
Yes! What else...?

And this kept him engaged until he's finished the glass. Obviously I didn't mention spinach or Kale. The trick with this game is to only mention fruit that they love. 

 And once William has accepted it, Lila is happy to follow suit. 

Hope that helps! 

Kale me crazy

Time for another smoothie from natural blender and today I choose "kale me crazy", which, as the title suggests, seems to be largely made from kale. 

In fact, there was so much kale in this smoothie that it claims to deliver 684% of my daily mineral requirements! 

The smoothie also included Apple, lime, ginger, flaxseed, sunflower seeds and coconut water. 

On first sip I wasn't sure about it, and thought it could probably use a little more ginger of lime, but it's growing on me. 

The thing about smoothies over juices is that they take a lot longer to drink. With a juice I can just knock it back, however it tastes, but a smoothie is so thick that I actually sit down and spend time drinking it. This is probably a good thing in terms of slowing down and eating mindfully, but it's far less convenient when you are late for a sports class and haven't eaten yet! 

I'll be honest, this wasn't my favourite smoothie from natural blender; but it was perfectly drinkable and not unpleasant. If I were to make it again I think I might throw in another lime though. There were also quite a few seeds unprocessed at the end, because I either didn't blend for long enough or because I forgot to soak them last night. My bad. 

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