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I know not everyone on my team wants to build a business with young living, and that's totally fine. Most of you have wholesale accounts though, because I'd be a bad friend if I didn't point out that the 24% discount was totally worth signing up for, whether you intend to sell oils to other people or just keep them for personal use. 
With that in mind, did you know that you can share about your oils, and make commissions without making this a full-time job? It really makes sense if someone asks you about your oils, to have a nice, short, link you can send them too, which let's young living know that you referred them. That way, if you do ever decide to start selling, you have an instant downline and commissions can start coming in immediately. 
If you are already selling to your friends, then you will want to know this little trick to make it easy to refer them without having to talk them through the sign-up process and make sure they use your affiliate codes.   
Solution One - Best for business builders is a great tool for shortening links from web stores and posts that are super easy to remember. It also allows you to track clicks and see referrers. 
To create your own YoungLiving sign-up page you need to:
  1.  Copy the text below and replace YOURID with your YL member ID 
  2. Copy all of the text and paste it in your browser to make sure it's correct. Your member ID should appear in the referee and enroller boxes. 
  3. Copy the link again and visit Bitly. Paste it into the URL shortener. When you are doing this, you can click on the pencil icon and customise the link so that it's something you will easily remember, such as your name.
You will need to create an account with Bitly, but it's really easy. All you need to do is click 'log in with Facebook'.
There is a simpler method than this even though, which brings me to....
Solution two - best for casual referrals
YL.PE is a site that auto generates a short young living referral link for you and even emails it to you so that you can grab it again easily whenever you need it. The downside of using this method is that you don't get any statistics back, but if this is just a hobby for you, you probably don't need them anyway. This link is great for business cards, social media profiles, twitter or giving to people over the phone, because it's so short. 
How do you share yours? 
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