What are Hydrosols?

You may have noticed that young living sell a range of floral waters, e.g Clary Sage Floral Water. 

You might be wondering what a "floral water" is. The chemistry term is 'hydrosol', meaning "water solution". Hydrosol's are what is remaining after steam distillation, after the vapor is cooled and the oils are separated.

Even though hydrosols have been around for as long as the distillation, their use in aromatherapy is still a relatively new practice.

True hydrosols contain tiny micronized droplets of essential oils suspended in the water, giving them a much broader and safer range of use. Sometimes hydrosols smell like the plant they were made of, some are lacking in smell all together, but know that in no way makes them void of therapeutic properties. Every liter of hydrosol contains between .05 to 0.2 % of volatiles, which equates to 500-2000 mg (milligrams), the amount will vary depending on factors such as the water solubility of plant components and the method of distillation.

Similar to essential oils, hydrosols are best stored in the refrigerator at a constant temperature, no light or heat. They are best in dark containers, but if you are storing properly in the fridge, this is much less of a concern. As hydrosols are a water solution, it is important to know your supplier and make sure they are of good quality. Know that when purchased from a quality distiller that they are relatively stable.

Hydrosol Uses

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s talk about some of their uses.
Hydrosols are much gentler than essential oils, so they are great for small children. Most applications for adults can be undiluted, but no harm will be done to dilute them at first to see how they work for you. Dilution does not mean just water, think lotion or crème, aloe vera gel....

Lavender Hydrosol is wonderful for an upset child diluted into a lotion and applied as a nice soothing massage from mom or dad.

Hydrosols are wonderful for the skin as toners, cleansers, rinses, aftershave; you name it. Once you begin to use them on the skin, trust me when I say you will be in love!


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