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For those who don't know me well, I have a mild obsession with kitchen gadgets. I have a large kitchen and I couldn't fit in a smaller one because where would I keep my dehydrator and my ice cream machine?

Kitchen Gadget list up until about two weeks ago was:

Which is pretty ridiculous, but I really love all of them. :blush:

But two weeks ago I got my new favourite toy.

Welcome home, Instant Pot.

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 Let me justify myself a little bit here. We did have a slow cooker which broke years ago, and I never replaced it, so I was one gadget down anyway.

Plus, instant pot has a smaller footprint on the counter top than the slow cooker did, but the same capacity.

Also, I can get rid of yoghurt maker, which only performs one task, because the instant pot makes yoghurt.

Oh yes, I have already made yoghurt, and it was delicious.

How to make yoghurt in an instant pot

First of all, you need to sterilise the pot (especially if you cooked butter chicken in it earlier and it's a little bit smelly). 

The quickest way to do this is to add a cup or so of water, a few drops of food grade essential oils (lemon works well) and hit the steam button for five minutes. 

Dump that out in the sink and add some milk. I used four pints, because that is what my milk bottles are. I use raw milk, but I guess this would work with pasteurised. 
We don't buy that though. 

Once that's in you close the lid and press 'yoghurt' then hit the adjust button until it says 'boil'. Once the milk is scalded the pot will say 'yogt' again and you can go ahead and take the lid off and let it cool. I like to take the pot out of the machine so it cools more quickly. You can use a candy thermometer, or just guess when it's been cooling for about 2 hours. 

Now stir in your starter culture (any live yoghurt that you like will do) I used two tbsp of Yeo Valley greek yoghurt. Now you place it back in the instant pot, turn it on and press yoghurt. It will start saying 'yogt' but if you leave it, it changes to 8:00 which is the 8 hour countdown until you have delicious yoghurt. 

You can also adjust the timer, I switched it to twelve once, then put the yoghurt through a nutmilk bag for a really long time and had the most beautiful cream cheese. 

What else is instant pot good for?

I'm so glad you asked...

  1. Cooking poultry, FROM FROZEN. Yeah, you heard that right. It safely cooks chicken from frozen in a super quick amount of time.
  2. Dried lentils/beans. You can cook chickpeas from solid little rocks to perfectly soft in 60 minutes with no overnight soaking. 
  3. Frozen fish
  4. Rubbish cuts of Meat the really cheap cuts that would be tough and nasty in an oven just fall apart like the best meat you've ever tasted in the instant pot.
  5. Bone Broths  I hated making stock in my slow cooker, because my house stank of cooking for 12 hours. Instant pot makes bone broth in 45 minutes, and with the steam valve closed, you smell NOTHING. 
  6. Making soup throw in some frozen or raw veg (either works) pour on some water and hit the soup button. All you have to do at the end is blend. 
  7. Keeping stuff safe and warm Sure, I could just make soup on the hob, but then I'd have to watch it and actively cook it. With instant pot I throw the ingredients, walk away, it cooks it perfectly (without drying out or boiling over) then keeps it warm until I remember that I made it and swing by for some. 
In fact, I made an awesome mushroom soup today using dried mushrooms. Normally I would have had to soak them for 12 hours before use, but 20 minutes in the pressure cooker and they were perfectly done.  

I realise this sounds more like an advert than a blog post.
Sorry about that.
I just love a new gadget.


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