Strawberry and Chocolate Delicious

Yeah, that's what happens when I let my kids name a recipe.

We went through a phase where everything was given a number (Will had learned a recipe for '15's from a friend), but we are becoming slightly more descriptive when naming things now, so strawberry and chocolate delicious gives you a better idea of what the recipe is, than say '4's.

We have a lot of leftover food from our valentines celebrations (anyone else always seem to over cater?) so lunch today was always going to be made from something red.

Snacks this morning included watermelon with lime juice squeezed over it and pink 'iced tea' (sweet melissa with honey and a little dried beetroot), but by far the biggest hit was somewhere between mousse and a milkshake - too thick for a straw, but the Lila struggled not to make a mess drinking it off her spoon.

Think the consistency of yoghurt; and like yoghurt this recipe has great probiotic benefits too, plus, you know, it's classic and valentinesy to have strawberries and chocolate together.

Here's the recipe if, like us, you have a lot of leftover berries.

7-8 large strawberries (try to get organic, strawberries measure high in residual pesticides)
100g of homemade cream cheese or (normal cream cheese if you aren't up for making it!)
1/2 cup kefir (switch for milk or cream if you don't keep kefir - then go buy some kefir grains!)
1/3 cup cocoa powder
3-4 tbsp honey (it's a treat, you won't eat this every day)

Blend together and enjoy.

Simple and delicious. I even left the green parts on the strawberries. Their totally edible and the kids won't notice them with everything else in there - much easier than chopping them all off.


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