Nourishing Chocolate Soup

It's really cold today.

Despite it being 9:05am and having been up for over three hours I still have not opened the curtains downstairs. They are just so insulating and we have single glazing.

I was trying to create something warming, delicious and also nutritious for my children's breakfast this morning and I came up with, what I modestly believe to be, the perfect solution.

Chocolate soup.

Is there anyone out there who wouldn't serve chocolate soup to their family on a cold day? I pity your family. Unless you are my friend Sarah who's son, for some inexplicable reason, doesn't like chocolate. Strange child.

Still, chocolate soup for the rest of us. I was inspired by the 'Chocolat con Churros' I enjoyed so much in California and on honeymoon.
chocolat con churros
 Here's what you need and if you click on an ingredient it will tell you a full list of why it's good for you and your little ones:

125g grass fed butter melted over a low heat - tonnes of essential vitamins and fats*
4 large pastured eggs - vitamins, fats* and proteins
100ml double cream (preferably raw) - see butter :-)
8 heaped tbsp organic cocoa - magnesium, zinc, iron and antioxidants
4 tbsp honey - antibacterial, antifungal and it tastes good

Melt your butter and stir in the honey, cream and cocoa powder. Do not let it boil - just warm it.
Whip together eggs and then slowly pour in the warm ingredients whilst mixing. I think the heat from the other ingredients cooks the eggs sufficiently, but if you are concerned you could always return it to a low heat (whilst stirring) for a few minutes.

It's drinkable immediately, as it's only warm, not hot, but the kids like to dip fruit in it first. I recommend bananas.

Not only is this deliciously rich and warming, but because of the protein content, my children will stay full and won't start nagging me for snacks before lunch.


*for those of you worried about my cholesterol levels (mum) these are good fats. They will actual help protect me from heart disease!


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