Cooking from my kindle (Free Ebook)

I'll be honest, I find the idea of storing a recipe book on my phone slightly odd.

That said, I frequently find myself pulling up websites with recipes on my phone to work from in the kitchen, so there really shouldn't be any difference.

Yesterday I downloaded a book called 'Piece of Cake Paelo: The effortless Paleo baking bible' from Amazon.

Before we go on any further, I'd like to caution you that Paleo and GAPS are not the same thing, however many of the recipes are fine and others can be adjusted much more easily than standard recipes into something that my family can eat.

My second important note is that this is not everyday food. Most of these recipes rely heavily on coconut flour or almond flour. Whilst both of these are fine in limited quantities, you wouldn't want to eat a lot of them because of their phytic acid content.

The cookbook opens with -

'...I am wading into the sometimes controversial, yet always delicious waters of baked goods. There, I said it. Baking and Paleo. It's nothing if it's not delicious. It's also a way to stay within the boundaries of a paleo lifestyle and still be relevant to the world around you'

Yep. Believe it or not baking is a controversial issue in the paleo/primal world. My sister calls it 'faileo' when you make a fake version of something else instead of just enjoying the foods in their unprocessed state. Some people believe that any processing, even in your own kitchen, is damaging to food.

I am not those people.

I loved baking on a regular basis before I found out what it was doing to our bodies. I still love baking, but do so much less regularly now and with more nourishing ingredients. So... anyone promising me a pear-cinnamon streusel and a chocolate lava cake recipe in one sentence is my new best friend.
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I haven't baked any of the recipes yet as I only discovered this book yesterday, but it's free, so I'm not going to hesitate to recommend it.


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