Baby shower part 2

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So another friend, Sarah, also had a baby shower this weekend, but unfortunately I couldn't attend this one :0(

Still, I wanted to make something for her new baby boy, and I stumbled across the idea for recycling t-shirts into baby gowns on Pinterest.
I immediately loved the idea because t-shirts are so soft and lovely, and baby gowns are so much easier for night time nappy changes than onesies.
I think this one is my favourite

I ran down to my local thrift store and managed to get a couple of t-shirts and some thin sweaters, in case it's a bit cooler. Buying large sizes meant I could improvise some little matching hats to go with each on as well.

I made my own pattern up, but there is a simple one here you can print if you aren't confident to do that. It's good to choose shirts with longer sleeves because they are easier to make little hats from. Also, look for stuff with cute cuffs or piping etc... and see if you can work this in as it saves time and gives a more professional finish.

It really doesn't take too long, I did all four of these in an afternoon between a picnic with friends and dinner with my band, so you should be able to do a few more if you have a full evening.

My collection for baby Max


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