Lip balm Recipe

If you haven't started making gifts yet, there's still time!!

Today I made lip balms for the girls in my small group, and it honestly couldn't be easier.

You simply warm together in a pan beeswax (hopefully you have some left from making Sun lotion this summer!), coconut oil and a few essential oils of your choice (I chose eucalyptus and clove to give it a tingly 'carmex' kind of feel). The quantities of each are really up to you, and I suggest you try cooling a little on a plate and testing/adjusting until you get the perfect texture for your balm.

I used these little pots available from amazon (if you are a prime customer you can get them next day!).

I also wanted my lip balms to have a tint, so I bought a bright red lipstick to melt in there too. You don't have to do that if you want to keep yours all natural. You could just minerals. I wanted something vibrant in the pot though, because I thought it looked christmassy, but made sure the ratio of pigment to balm wasn't too much, so that it was totally still wearable.

The colour in the pots looks like this:

Festive, but not an everyday lip colour!!

However when it's on, it looks like this:



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