Curing a cough

I've had annoying cough for nearly three weeks now. I'm not sick, at least I don't feel sick, just this lingering cough that won't let me (or anyone sharing a room with me!) get a good nights sleep.

It wasn't until my friend Sarah mentioned that she had it too (incidentally, her doctor said its going around and lasts about eight weeks!!!) that I found myself thinking back to my college days and how to deal with a cough.

So, here are my top tips for dealing with a cough.

1. Forget about cough suppressants from the pharmacy. They are full of rubbish sugars and chemicals, studies show that they don't work very well (particularly for children) and too much can make you hallucinate. If you must buy something from a pharmacy, stick to cough drops with menthol and eucalyptus as the active ingredient. They tend to be more effective.

2. Drink some tea. If you have a chesty cough, tea made with thyme will make it more productive (gross) but clears the infection much faster. If your cough is tickly, have ginger tea with honey instead.

3. Put some Vicks vapour rub on your feet. I don't know how or why this works, but it does. Smooth it on your feet and then put some warm socks on. My reflexology tutor told me this and I didn't believe her until I had children. Works like a charm, even on a small baby!

4. If you are not on GAPS, lucky you - dark chocolate apparently has an ingredient that will help with a persistent cough. It might be just a rumour, I've never seen a scientific study on it, but it's a rumour I have no problem perpetuating as once I'm off GAPS this will be the perfect excuse for chocolate.

Get well soon! xxx


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