Christmas is coming and I'm starting to get so excited!!

We don't do Santa Claus in our house, mainly because the idea of him terrifies my son - despite being told he doesn't exist! Even so, we still do stockings. My kids know that mum and dad fill their stockings with little gifts and they have been looking forward to it since the christmas decorations started appearing in stores (so around about september time)!

I'm looking for ideas that are frugal to fill their stockings with, that aren't plastic junk which will end up in a bin by the end of the month.

Here are my ideas so far, I'd love any more suggestions you can come up with.

Each child will receive:

  • A small batch of Watermelon Candy - This is literally just slices of watermelon, dehydrated. My kids go wild for it though, it's the highlight of my pantry for them! 
  • A home made 'Tilda' bunny toy. I only just discovered these darling dolls, and they are so easily made from mummy's old T-shirts and bed linen. If you are looking for inspiration, check out my Tilda board on pinterest. 
  • Some Stacking Turtles filled with rice to make microwaveable snugglies. Again, easily made from scraps. I made up my own pattern for these, and if you are lucky I may get around to posting it some day, but in the mean time, it's pretty easy to work out for yourself!
  • Some homemade bubble mixture (It's classic and my kids love it).
  • Some crispy nuts
  • A clementine
So, anymore great ideas out there?


  1. Those stacking turtles are gorgeous! You have some lovely ideas. I usually look for a book or two, and they always receive a bag of chocolate coins like I used to! This year my daughter (1) will be getting some more tights in her stocking as she's running low, and my son (3) may well get some socks.

    For my son's first two Christmases I went mad with his stocking and he was still opening presents two days later. Last year I kept the stockings so simple with about 6 gifts and it was so much better because he had the attention span to open them all at once. They he receives larger presents later on which come from us and other family.

  2. Oh yes, I definitely don't want to put too much in there.
    My children regularly get overwhelmed by gifts and we often have to take a break from opening on Christmas and birthdays.
    Last year we allowed them to open our presents on Christmas Eve, yet they still had too many from relatives on the day to actually enjoy opening everything.
    Several breaks where required!!!


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