Rosemary & Onion GAPS legal Hummus

I made amazing hummus today. I know, I know, I sound so humble :o)

It's been a whils since I've had any hummus (since we started GAPS actually) so it's been an absolute treat for me and the kids. The best part is I made LOADS because hummus is freezeable and it'll be nice to take a tupperware out once a week rather than having to soak beans every time.

I've tried making hummus before with the classic GAPS favourite 'navy beans' and it tasted awful. Maybe I didn't cook them long enough, who knows? But I will not try that again.
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So when I found our butter beans were legal (NCB calls them 'Lima Beans') I knew it was time to give it another go! Turns out the secret is to add some homemade yoghurt (probiotic too? This really is a superfood...) to the mix to give a delicious creamy taste and texture.

The basic recipe is this:

5oog Butter beans (soaked over night)
150g sesame seeds (soaked over night) (or you could use tahini)
4-6 cloves of garlic
2 tbsp yoghurt
juice of one lemon
olive oil
Salt and Pepper

Rinse the beans and then cook until they are tender, but not mushy.
Blend together with sesame seeds and garlic until well combined.
Add yoghurt and lemon, then with the blender on, pour in olive oil until desired consistency is reached.
Salt and pepper to taste.

So that's the normal one.

Today I added handfuls of rosemary from the garden and a few teaspoons of dehydrated onion from my preserves in the pantry. I love it. It tastes like a focaccia bread!

I also added some soaked, dehydrated and toasted pine nuts and olive oil to the top because I saw that once on hummus in Tesco and I thought it looked nice.
Hummus with pine nuts
Another classic that I love is to switch the lemon juice for lime, add about 20% more and throw in a handful or two of corriander (or cilantro for my american friends). It's amazing.

My final offering for you is to add some dehydrated peppers and tomatoes, with a little oregano. Delicious.

You can pretty much add anything you like, just keep tasting and trying until you come up with something brilliant. Then come back here and share it with me!


  1. Will have to try once I start eating beans. Following!


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