Thursday, 5 July 2012

Honey Lemonade

Nothing says summer like real lemonade!

So here's how to whip up your own batch.

1. Take 200g of Honey and 1 cup of water and heat gently in a pan until all the honey is dissolved
2. Allow to cool
3. Stir in the juice of 6 lemons and one lime (the lime is optional but gives it a really great flavour)
4. Add lots of ice and serve straight away.

Happy days.


Tamika Rybinski said...

this looks delicious! I am looking forward to getting to know you through the Hello Mornings Challenge. Welcome to my group! I am following your blog now too! :0)

Katie-jo Gracie said...

I know!
I sort of cant wait, but also kind of dreading it!!
I've done it before and I know it's worth the effort, but my mornings right now are a serious struggle!

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