Marshmallows and Well Hung Meat

Today I made my favourite GAPS meal so far, Shepherd's pie. Obviously the GAPS diet doesn't allow you to have potatoes, so I used butternut squash on the top instead. Success! It actually turned out really delicious, but that might be because I grated copious amounts of cheddar on the top.

If you want to see my growing collection of GAPS friendly recipes (outside of Natasha Campbell-McBrides book) the you can check out my Pinterest board.

This week I also made marshmallows, which turned out great, even though I don't have a candy thermometer, used leaf gelatin and switched out the corn syrup for honey. I also used coconut instead of corn starch and powdered sugar for dusting - so basically I didn't follow this recipe at all; but it turned out great!
So now I want to try and be a bit more consistent with results, and I thought that buying powdered gelatin (more easily measured) would be a good start. The problem is that I can't find it anywhere. I have literally traipsed all over town looking for it, asking in every health food store and butchers I can find. My local butcher actually very kindly gave me some for free, but it's savoury gelatin for making pork pies. No good for making delicious gummy worms.

But whilst on this trip I got to thinking.

When I first had William, I started to make healthier (or what I considered to be healthier) choices for our family. I wanted to put good fresh food into my sons mouth. I remember feeling happy that God had placed us in this little village, where I had access to local farms for produce, and a good green grocers and butchers both within walking distance of my home. I felt like we were blessed to live somewhere away from the hustle and bustle, where life's pace was a little slower and I could make good choices without having only fast food restaurants and greasy cafes to choose from.
Funnily enough, now I live in a town, and I thank God for my ease of access to all these things. There is a farm providing me with raw dairy, cheese, cream, yoghurt and butter, and free range eggs. There's a farmers market 2-3 times a week where I can buy local food at ridiculously good prices. Making good choices does take time, and a little more effort, but it really isn't about where you live - it's about choosing to do it.

The one thing I have been struggling with a lot is getting hold of free range, organic meat. My local butchers sell some good looking cuts at great prices, but make no claims on whether it's free range or organic, so I think we can safely assume that it isn't. Marks & Spencer's is right on our high street, but when I checked out their grocery aisle, despite selling many organic ready meals, I could not buy a free range organic chicken.

I found some meat on ocado, but for three weeks in a row now my delivery has come without the meat. Each time I'm told that they are 'out of stock' and my money is refunded., which leaves me short on my groceries.

But I think I have a solution.

Well Hung Meat. The company will deliver me a monthly amount of free range, organic, in season meat, kind of like a vegetable box scheme, but for meat. When you order their 'full selection' box, they will even throw in bones and offal for stock, and mince for you pets for free - perfect for those of us on GAPS who are making meat stock regularly. £124 sounds like a lot to spend on meat in one shop, but if you only did it once a month? That's only £31 a week, which I think is reasonable for most grocery budgets. It's more than we have spent in the past, but that's mainly because we used to fill up on cheap, processed, carbohydrates. If we are going to really value our bodies and what we put in them, the budget is going to need to be stretched in some areas and economized in others. After watching 'Food Inc' this morning I really feel like it's an social and ethical decision to stretch ourselves a bit more in this area (but that's a whole 'nother blog post)!
The Full Selection
I'm really looking forward to trying them out, and have emailed to ask about some dietary requirements (the selection boxes include sausages which we wouldn't be able to eat unless they were 100% meat and because we keep kosher we wouldn't be able to have pork products), but if they are able to meet those I think this may be the perfect solution. I'll have to clear out my freezer, but it's totally worth it to have all my meat shopped for automatically and not have to think about it.

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. This company are totally overpriced, they send you the cheapest cuts of meat like brisket, chuck, ribs, thighs etc. Do not use them their customer service is appalling too. I purchased a Groupon voucher of meat through them and in the small print it automatically reordered me another months box of meat which unite frankly wouldn't feed my family for a week let alone a month! I spoke to someone on the phone from their company telling them that I no longer wanted any boxes and yet they still sent me one and have charged me for it!

    Stay away, their meat may be ethical but the way they do business isn't! You can get cheaper and better at your local butchers.

  2. Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear this. We've been waiting ages and finally signed up to receive their full selection this week!!
    I guess we'll have to wait and see how much there is and whether it's worth continuing with, but we don't have a local butcher who sells organic, pastured meat so there isn't really an alternative right now :0(
    The customer services were fantastically helpful (of course, I just made a massive order!) so I'll keep you up to date with how it goes.
    Sort of hoping it was one of those bad experiences that tend to result with groupon vouchers, rather than that the company is always terrible!!
    Time will tell...

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