Super food: Raw Strawberry Ice Cream

Did I really just use 'ice cream' and 'Super food' in the same sentence?

Yes, yes I did.

I have the BEST raw ice cream recipe that doesn't take hours to make and doesn't need any fancy equipment.

Have I got your attention yet?

As if that wasn't enough, it doesn't contain any raw eggs, so pregnant ladies, you can do this too.

Hopefully over the summer you grew a glut of strawberries, and although you dried some, preserved some and ate some, you managed to freeze a nice load too. No?
Well, then Tesco is your friend. We used all our strawberries (who am I kidding, we ate all our strawberries) but lucky for us the freezer section in Tesco stocks frozen berries for just such an occasion. Failing that you could buy berries and freeze them yourself - your call.

Basically you want to stuff your blender, we use a Le Mini, full of frozen strawberries and turn it on. Whilst it is crunching them up, add a little raw cream, spoon by spoon.

Go slow. Initially it's just going to freeze like a coating on the chopped up berries, but as they defrost a little it will suddenly start to puree.

Et voila, delicious, soft, creamy ice cream goodness. That's really all there is to it.

If you accidentally added too much cream and your ice cream looks a little sloppy, just put it back in the freezer for a few minutes.

You can use any type of frozen fruit, and you could switch the cream for coconut cream or kefir for a different taste with different health benefits. Variety is the spice of life.

We added a freshly squeezed lime to ours for an extra zing.

And the best part is that this recipe is majority fruit, so it's the kind of recipe I like my kids to eat. Dessert every night maybe?

Or not. I wouldn't want to spoil them... ;o)

There are no pictures of my ice cream because it was eaten so rapidly I had no time to pull out a camera.

Here is a photo of somebody else's ice cream which is pretty much what it looked like.

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  1. Oh, this is wonderful! Wonderful! We are ice cream fanatics and we have big freezers and small freezers. All of which take time and effort to use. This recipe is perfect! Guess what we will be having for supper tonight???! And the best thing is - we're from Canada. Everything here is frozen!!! Thank you for sharing on NOBH!


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