Money Saving Gluten Free Vanilla Extract

I'm so thankful to my friend Meri, who recently introduced me to Katie Riddle (@riddlelove) and I'm so enjoying following her. One of my favourite things she has introduced me to though is making vanilla extract.

We get through a TONNE of vanilla extract in our house since we switched to eating more real food and using sour dough. I add vanilla to pretty much everything, but it is expensive.

Katie Riddle's method of making vanilla extract not only produces a gluten-free gaps diet friendly vanilla extract (Did you know that your regular vanilla extract contains gluten? Me neither until today) but it's going to save us a lot of money.
You need:

12 vanilla beans (I got 50 for £10 with free delivery from VanillaMart)
1l Vodka (£13 with free delivery from Ocado.

So I figure to make 1L of vanilla extract is going to cost me £15.40.

My regular vanilla extract costs me £6.99 for 60ml. That's £116.50 a litre, so I'm going to save just over a hundred pounds by the time I use the whole bottle up. That's incredible!

In fact, I'm also going to have loads of extra vanilla pods (why did I buy so many?!) so I'll probably make a few batches and store them in the basement. Which means I could end up saving around £400.

Reality check. I'm probably going to end up giving a lot of vanilla extract away, but I will still have saved a LOT of money and blessed a few people.

Plus I get to enjoy guilt free vanilla in everything...Mmmmmmm....

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  1. Wow! I never thought of making my own vanilla extract, I use it all the time too -- and I always use the real stuff, which gets expensive. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for linking up to NOBH!


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