If this, then that!

I've noticed a lot of new years resolutions amongst some of my favourite bloggers are to do with technology; namely the taming of it. All over the internet are people saying they need to spend less time on twitter/facebook/googlereader etc... to spend more time with their families.

I think it's incredibly admirable. If you feel like your family are suffering for your online presence, then you really do need to re-prioritise.

That said, I do wonder if perhaps they have missed something which is making all this online socialising seem like much harder work than it has to be. My sister once told me she felt like she was 'babysitting the internet', which was why she didn't want to sign up to instagram. She already did twitter and facebook, and managed a blog, that was enough.

I've been asked by people before 'how do you find the time to go online with two kids at home?' and I realise the underlying question is not 'how do you get time to update a facebook status?', which takes about three seconds from my iphone, but 'how do you find time to post that on facebook, twitter, instagram, G+ and your blog?!' Which when you put it like that does sound like a lot!

So here's the secret. I don't.

Most of the time I post once, somewhere, then let the technology do the hard work.

There is a great website that makes this really simple - IFTTT or 'if this, then that'.

The basic idea is to build 'recipes' (or copy them from the hundreds they have listed) that say things like 'If I post a new picture on instagram, post it to twitter, facebook, G+ and Linked in for me'. You can tweak all the settings, so for example, on new years eve at midnight, you might have seen a happy new years message on my twitter and facebook. I can assure you I was nowhere near my computer, and you'll get the exact same message on new years next year at the same time. Ditto Christmas and Easter.

If I post a new public video to youtube, again you'll be informed on twitter, facebook and G+ - without me doing anything more than uploading the video.

If you feel like technology might be getting out of control, or that you're babysitting the internet, try IFTTT.

Sound too antisocial? Letting a robot take charge of your account and not having any personal input? It really isn't. You put the information in, it's just spreading it across platforms to reach as many of your friends as possible. You will still get notifications when a friend comments on each media, allowing you to go and respond personally. It's literally just saved you all the repetitive typing and logging in and out.

It can also be used to send you an SMS reminding you to take a coat if the weather report says it's cold, or an umbrella if it's going to rain.

And if you really are the antisocial type, there's even recipes to send yourself 'escape' phone calls to get out of awkward social situations!
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  1. This is a really wonderful idea. Thank you so much for sharing it at NOBH. Have a great day no matter where you're at. Smiles!

  2. This is a great concept - going to check it out :) Anything that makes all this easier is worth doing.
    Popped in through NOBH.

  3. May have to check that out. Thanks for posting on NOBH!


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