You're My Cup of Tea

I love calling cards. I got some really cute ones from Moo that say things like 'You are Precious' and 'You are beautiful'. I love handing them out to women I meet, as they not only give them a way to contact me, but are encouraging in the process, something that our culture is not very good at.

Calling cards are a great way of giving your contact details to someone quickly, but are also so much cuter than just getting out your mobile phone and opening the 'bump' app.

With that in mind, over the next few weeks/months/however long it takes me, I'm going to design some new ones and upload them here so that you can download them for free. They will all be in publisher format so that they are fully customizable for you (and mostly because I'm not very good at using acrobat).

And here is the first one, entitled 'You're My Cup of Tea'.

Feel free to adapt as much or as little as you like for your own personal use.


  1. What a great idea. Thank you for linking up at NOBH.


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