Guess who lives in Bedford...?

Still no internet I'm afraid, but couldn't resist sharing with you all who we saw this morning...

It's Lightning McQueen and Mater!

Some guy in Bedford Modified his cars to look like the real thing. The attention to detail is awesome.

Will was a little bit nervous and wanted to look at them from the car. Not sure if he thought they might try and really talk to him(?) but now I know disneyworld would not be a great trip...

Still, he was really excited to see them from the car.

Lightning even has a cute little tongue!

And Mater's teeth are hilarious.

I can't believe they live just down the road! We'd seen Mater driving around town before, but now we know where he lives, and that Lightning lives with him, we might have to walk past that street a bit more often.



  1. Any chance you can send me an email with the street name? My daughter is mad about that movie and this would thrill her to bits. thanks :-) 07740 102 246

  2. Replies
    1. Hi

      I am desperately trying to find contact details for you Mohammad. Short of being some crazy loon that knocks on your door. Wod you be kind enough to contact me on 07940 460287.

      Katie-jo apologies for high jacking.



  3. They live on Elstow road, but only in good weather, otherwise they are under cover!

  4. Hi Mohammad! They are amazing! Did you customise them yourself?

  5. sorry Katie for using your blog page but when i search for owner of Disney cars bedford you came up !
    Hi Mohammad,

    I'm contacting you on a total whim here ! i have seen your cars in bedford on the way to work. my childrens school Thurleigh Lower School are currently working on transport as their theme for the term. They are holding a "Car Fest" around Easter time which will be held at their partner school Kymbrook in Keysoe Bedford. I was wonderinnnnng :) if you would be interested in coming along with your fab designs from Cars and supporting the children.

    I understand if you wouldnt be able to commit but if you were at all interested please can you let me know either way.
    Kindest regards

    Nadine Williams :) :)

    Contact details Thurleigh lower school 01234 771252 Rachael Bates.

    1. Hi Nadine! You are most welcome. I hope it works out for you x

  6. Hi I'm very interested in getting these car to my local car show, can the owner please contact me or any one with any contact information
    BHP performance

  7. Hi I'm very interested in getting these car to my local car show, can the owner please contact me or any one with any contact information
    BHP performance

  8. Hello there,

    Ive been searching to try and find some contact details for the amazing guy who created these beautiful cars. I really don't want to disturb him by knocking on his door, does anyone have his contact details? I really would love him to surprise my son at his 5th birthday party in July.
    Please email me if you can help me.

    Thank you

  9. Hi Are the cars still in Bedford, my son has aspergers and still car made and was hoping to take him to see them if the owner didnt mind. Might shut him up for a while many thanks in advance
    my email address is

  10. Hi, this is a complete longshot I know, but would you have any contact details for the gentleman who created these fabulous 'cars' I am arranging a family fun day in aid of St. John's hospice in moggerhanger beds, and it would be wonderful if I could organise such an amazing attraction. If you can suggest any way of contact please email me on

    Thank you x


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