The Year in Review

I know I'm a little late doing this, but it's the first time I've had a chance to sit down this year and really review what's been going on - despite promising myself that I would take the time to do so quarterly!

So much has happened that I'm going to be mostly working in bullet point form. Not beautiful, but it is efficient. :D

In 2010 we:

  • Added Elisha to our family
  • Moved halfway across the country
  • Matt graduated his PGCE
  • Started a new job
  • Joined a new church
  • Invited a cell group to meet in our home
  • Started a new bible study group
  • We bought our first house
  • Joined a homeschool co-operative
  • Took part in a documentary about young Christians
  • Started 'man training' (discipleship group) for sixth formers
  • Organised our finances more efficiently
  • Found a new mentor
  • Begun discipling/mentoring three young women
  • Returned to leading worship (informally)
  • Home made many gifts (wedding, birthdays, Christmas)
  • Become more intentional about Wills education
  • Started a reading program with Elisha

So looking forward our goals for 2011 are to...

  • Renovate our house in preparation for residence
  • Become Involved with a more local HE network
  • Support a friends new bible study group
  • Take time to make more sentimental and home made gifts for people
  • Set aside regular 'lesson' time for Will
  • Give more financially
  • Set up garden to grow some food
  • Practice my sugar crafting skills so that I can make my sister the beautiful wedding cake she deserves
  • Take more control over my thought life
  • Be more intentional about keeping contact with specific women I am supporting (at least weekly)
  • Blog regularly and keep you all up to date


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